Sven Figee - producer and performing artist (a.k.a. Sven Hammond)

Founded Marmalade Music in 2008 with (now senior and freelance) engineer Roland Dirkse and produced, recorded and mixed many great and talented Dutch and international artists. At Marmalade Music we believe in creating a relaxed vibe and working atmosphere to be able to get the best results. The team and founders are all musicians so we speak the language of our clients. We read (literally) and live music. Both on and off stage. Feel free to drop us an email or call and inquire for information. Studio and production rates depend on your project and we will always try to make it work within your budget and possibilities.  

Open for new talent and interested to hear your music. 

Music & art first, money later...


Check this list of labels, company's and artists we've worked with

8ball Music BV

Aravah Quintet

Armin van Buuren

AT Productions

Arwin Wensveen

Alex Vansalen

B3D Design

Behnam Jalilzadeh

Beatrice van der Poel

Berget Lewis


BIS Records

BMG Talpa

Boris Titulaer

Brenda Bee

Buma Music Academy

Cheyenne Toney

Cloud9 Music BV

Chris Hordijk


Conrad Freling

Caroline Dijkhuizen


DJ Maestro

DJ Roog

Dutch Eagles

EMI Music

Erwin Nijhoff

Fons Merkies


Jan Wouter Oostenrijk

Jett Rebel

Kees Dusink


Lisa Lois

Lois Lane

Marloes Jager

Markus Mann

Mukwege Foundation

Monique Klemann

Misses Hips

New Cool Collective

Niels Geusebroek

Night Of Comedy

Pearl Jozefszoon

Pennyleen Krebbers

Piero Bianculli


Rik Mol

Robert Leeuwangh

Ruben Hein



Sony Music

Sven Hammond

Steffen Morrisson

Shirma Rouse

Story Arcs

Tin Can BV

Taco Nieuwenhuizen

Tijl Beckand

Tjeerd Oosterhuis


Wiboud Burkens

Within Temptation

Xander de Buisonjé


Sven Figee

Studio founder and owner. Performing artist (Sven Hammond and others) and producer.

Roland Dirkse

Studio co-founder and freelance senior recording and mixing engineer. Works both as front of house / live engineer as studio engineer. 

Carsten Vos

Engineer and producer. Started as an intern and now knows all the ins and outs of the studio.

Sjors Segaar

Engineer and producer. Also a very talented jazz pianist.